Dodge Performance Parts

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"LA" Cylinder Blocks
Price: $3,018.75 
These Mopar Performance cast iron R3 race engine blocks feature process-controlled castings...
"LA" Cylinder Heads
Price: $798.10 
Mopar now offers. new aluminum small-block high performance cylinder head assemblies for...
5.7 6.1 HEMI Power Trip Package
Price: $3,199.00 
Our most popular parts package can add an extra 108 HP to your ride! The package includes an...
528 Hemi Crate Engine- 640 horsepower
Price: $18,777.00 
Specifications:Built with all-new components, Heavy-duty Siamesed Bore Cast Iron Block with...
572 HEMI Crate Engine, 650 horsepower black
Regular Price: $18,315.00
 Sale: $18,315.00 
There is no substitute for displacement! The largest of Mopar's Gen II line up. This giant572...
77060003AC Mopar Performance Cold Air Intake System - 2004-10 Charger/300/Magnum/Challenger - 5.7L
Price: $330.05 
Heat up your ride with a steady flow of cold air! This bolt-on system is designed to allow...
77060005AC Mopar Performance Cold Air Intake System - 2003-05 Ram 1500 - 5.7L
Price: $387.55 
Heat up your engine with a steady flow of cold air! These bolt-on systems are designed to allow...
77060019AB Mopar Performance Cold Air Intake System - 2005-09 300 - 2006-09 Charger - 2005-08 Magnum - 2009 Challenger - 3.5L
Price: $292.10 
What's so great about cold air intakes? Cold air is much denser than hot, humid air and holds...
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